Holi - Spreading Joy

Holi, the Festival of Colors, is a Hindu celebration full of joy! This series is shot in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Though a Muslim majority country for past several years this day is celebrated by young people from all religion! During the day of the last full moon of the lunar month, usually late February or early March, the air is full of bright colored powder and splash of liquid color. It's a day of color and music and dance.


I wont be lying about my work, I don't want to be recognized as a wedding photographer. But, when I started photographing, I loved wedding and today fine art is my passion and aesthetic. So when sometimes I do wedding photography I only accept projects that let me shoot in my own style. So that I can call those 'my work'. Following are some of those that I loved working on.


If you just breath to live- it shouldn't be called as life; you need to feel sunshine, freedom, little flower, even the charm of darkness, and the beauty that is trapped in somewhere. We often can’t find the real beauty of nature because we are too busy trying to create it. To me, the beauty of our existence is best shown when it’s mixed with nature and the surroundings. I find this blend much more stronger than when they are separated and this body of work is a portrayal of how I see this sublime energy.

Landscape and colorfulness attract me; and that’s what I emphasized in my work. I have shown the colors in nature where my subject is blended together with this charm. I have also shown the nightfall of nature because certain darkness is required to see the stars. I used single woman in every photographs where I pictured her existence related to the nature portraying her gesture and posture.

Viewers are encouraged to place themselves in my position to experience the character of the place itself where my subject is not something separate but a part of it and an orchestration of nature and beauty.